How Digital Marketing is Helping Businesses Grow during the Pandemic

“Many businesses have switched to online marketing in the challenging times brought to us by the Covid-19 pandemic. What is their fate now?”

The world has changed, and inevitable things are at our doorstep. The Covid-19 pandemic is a game-changer for the global economy. It has and will devastate several businesses. 

Nevertheless, time does not stop for anyone, and businesses, large or small, have come up with innovative methods to survive and grow during the challenging times! 

Physical distancing and staying away from folks has a direct impact on businesses that involve the exchange of goods, shops, malls, community markets, the list goes on. For many online businesses, though, the pandemic had a negligible or positive impact! 

The most affected sectors of the global market are retail, hospitality, travel & logistics, and education. Surprisingly many traditional businesses have taken a leap of faith to get converted into online, and it’s working for many! 

How is that even possible? When the world was sinking, how can online businesses flourish? The right question demands the right answer! Here goes!

Online Equals Physical Distancing

World wide many countries have announced complete or partial lockdown, halting daily activities and movement. This step was taken to slow down the spread of Corona disease and flatten the curve. 

While in most countries, the lockdown is favored by the public, there are hiccups. The lockdown is like a really really long movie, in which all you can do is stay away from others.

The online businesses are a click away, and the factor of physical distancing does not really figure with them! In fact, shopaholics were still able to order whatever they wanted from the comfort of their houses. 

Many businesses started COVID free delivery, making them an instant hit, increasing their business growth rapidly! 

Several food businesses quickly reacted and made sure that they switch to more hygienic preparation and delivery to re-capture the market.    

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us a lesson, that the change from physical to virtual is inevitable, and in the coming times, digital marketing is irreplaceable.   

Game Changer for Social Media

The pandemic has a tremendous positive impact on social media, video streaming, and online media service providers such as Netflix and Prime Video. 

During the pandemic, people have been spending more time on social media. The traffic trends for Facebook, Netflix, and YouTube are staggering. 

Between January to March, Facebook traffic increased by 27% and Netflix by 16%, and these numbers are in tens of million users!

People want to entertain themselves, and that is why they switch to social media. But what about the working professionals? 

Several companies and universities switched to online conferencing platforms, remote workplaces, and virtual classrooms, opening up the door of growth to otherwise niche products such as Zoom Meetings and Google Classroom.

The pandemic is a game-changer for several online businesses. And yes, it has also caused an upward leap in the online gaming business.  

What Comes Next?

There is a crystal clear trend that online matters! Businesses without an online presence may not do great in terms of expansion and growth in the near future. 

Some businesses are run locally, and they are happy with their closed and limited circle of customers. 

But, if you are thinking of growth in the present, you will need to think of digital marketing. 

The Covid-19 pandemic and its repercussions are accelerators for digital and all that is online. 

Take the clue and board the train!